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Who are You REALLY Hiring?


9% of job applicants falsely claimed they had a college degree, listed false employers, or identified jobs that didn't exist.


53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.


Bad hiring decisions can cost 30% of the individual's first year’s potential earnings.

It can cost as much as $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee

See how we can help you with Human Resources...

How to Hire the RIGHT Person!

We can help you hire the right candidate by asking the right questions leading to the right choice. If you don’t have an  interview system in place, let us help you create one. (Behavioral based interview guide)

Job Description Creation / Management

Need to update your company’s job descriptions or need to create job descriptions for the first time? We can analyze  current jobs and create/ update job descriptions to better serve your company.


Not sure how to go about finding the best job candidate? We can post the job to an online site, newspaper, etc. and sort through applicants for you with our human resource expertise.

Compensation Analysis

Are you underpaying or overpaying your employees? Let us help you figure out where you stand in the economy and your community. Compensating your employees correctly will give you a better chance at retention, as well as controlling your costs.

Employee Performance Evaluations

Whether you need to update or create a job evaluation process we can help you identify your needs and tie them to your job descriptions.

Employee Benefits Analysis

We can help you analyze your employee benefit package to determine what works best for your bottom line.

Employee Recognition Programs

One of the reasons people are dissatisfied with their jobs is not feeling appreciated.  Let us help you plan an event or create an employee recognition program that makes your people feel like their contributions matter.

Employee Service Awards Programs

When an employee hits a service anniversary, how do you recognize them? Let us help you design an awards program that fits your budget.

Employee Data Management

As your business grows you don’t want to overlook employee data management. Let us help you find the right system that is effective, efficient, and budget friendly.

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Succession Planning

Do you anticipate changes in your workforce? Keep your business thriving by planning ahead. We can help you prepare for transitions in key positions.

Event Management

Whether you’re planning a health fair or a Christmas party, we can help you manage your event.

HR Handbook

We can help you develop an Employee Handbook that communicates company policies, expectations & procedures.

Small Business Help

If you have a question about a topic not covered here, give us a call. We are here to help with a wide range of human resource issues. contact us.

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