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Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, group leaders (of office or factory employees), those assigned to train other employees.

Program Goals

  • How to help prepare people for a new job task
  • Responsibilities the importance of identifying training objectives
  •  Techniques to create a lesson plan 
  • How information is transferred into memory
  • Methods to use in delivering training to an adult audience

Course Description

The focus of the course is on how to help adults learn.The four basic steps of training employees are covered. Participants understand how employees learn best and remember most. Application of the program techniques is developed for “real world” training needs. An analysis of job parts is conducted while participants determine iftraining needs relate to a knowledge or skill deficiency.

Course Outline

  • What is “On-The-Job” (OJT) Training?
  • Skills Trainer Audit
  • How you learn determines what you learn (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic)
  •  Short term vs. Long-term memory
  • Why we “chunk” information when teaching it
  • The importance of rehearsing things we learn
  • The Communications process used in Training
  • Helping the learner understand & link to new information
  • The O.J.T. Training Outline
  • In-class practice of what a trainer does
  • The Pygmalion Effect (you get what you expect)

Course Length

6 hours (taught in two 3-hour sessions). This allows those being trained to prepare for part two of the class so they can practice what was covered in part one.

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