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Time Management

Who Should Attend?

Anyone needing to sharpen time management skills

Program Goals

  • The importance of planning and organizing to save time
  • That we can’t control time, but we can manage our use of it
  • About the importance of putting first things first

Course Description

The course begins with a look at several common laws of time management, followed by a view of how we measure time and how we prioritize our use of it. A personal value is placed on time. An action plan with work and life goals is suggested. Job aids to help participants manage time are explained. The advantage, and danger, of multi-tasking is discussed. The Stephen Covey book “First Things First” is referenced in this course. Technology, applications, computer based techniques are addressed.

Course Outline

The foundations of Time Management

  • Common laws of Time Management

The Clock and the Compass

  • Putting First Things First
  • The Clock – How you measure time
  • The Compass – What’s important in your job, life Closing the gap between the Clock and the Compass

The Urgency Addiction

  • Importance vs. Urgency
  • 7 key areas good time managers focus on the “four quadrant view of time”

The 4 Human Needs that impact our use of time

  • The “True North” Principle / staying focused
  • The Potential in each of us (4 Human Competencies)

Setting Priorities

  • Time Management Techniques
  • A Decision Making Framework

Course Length

4 hours (can be modified in length)

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