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The Supervisor Training Series

Who Should Attend?

New supervisors who need to build supervisory skills / competencies in the areas outlined below. Good refresher for experienced supervisors.

Program Goals

  •   Transition: how to become a supervisor
  •   Organizational and planning skills
  •   To negotiate & delegate
  •   How jobs are designed, job rotation & evaluation
  •   To lead & manage employees
  •   Methods to motivate and empower people
  •   Communications and different forms of control
  •   The importance of being positive

Course Description

Supervisors and managers depend on employees to get things done. The role of the supervisor is one of the most difficult in any organization because he/she is caught between the needs of the employees and the goals / objectives of upper management.

    This series of training modules demonstrates key skills and competencies effective supervisors learn and practice on a daily basis. The program is presented in a “hands on” participative and engaging manor.

Course Outline


  1. The New Supervisor: The Orientation Proces
  2. Planning from a Strategic, Tactical and Operational perspective
  3. The “fairness factor” – the number one issue for employees
  4. The Supervisor and Organizational Design
  5. Leadership practices: the power of communicating well
  6. What motivates employees
  7. The Art of Delegation
  8. Why taking a positive approach always produces better results

Course Length

One Day (6.5 - 7.5 hours) - each module runs from 30 -75 minutes

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