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The Succession Planning Process

Who Should Attend?

Experienced supervisors, mid and upper level managers, those responsible for preparing an organization for the future


Giving & Receiving Feedback, and Mentoring are valuable for those practicing Succession Planning

Program Goals

  • To identify the key components of Succession Planning
  • How to conduct a “gap analysis”
  • The importance of a succession summary / outline
  • About the talent management process
  • The role performance appraisal can play
  • Steps involved in a Personal Development Plan

Course Description

Succession Planning is the process used to identify andprepare talent (candidates) for key positions that become vacant as valued contributors leave an organization. Change is inevitable. Ignoring the demographics as generations enter and leave the workforce can leave an organization at a competitive disadvantage. This course focuses on how to establish a succession plan, identify and manage talent, and prepare people for new, key assignments.

Course Outline

  • The link between succession planning & Strategic Planning
  • The succession planning process (link to Talent Management)
  • Identifying key positions in an organization
  • Determining current, future managerial needs (gap analysis)
  • Incorporating job descriptions when analyzing talent
  • Assessing and selecting candidates for succession
  • Communicating succession planning to managers
  • Performance Appraisal as a tool in this process
  • Career planning, training, developmental opportunities
  • Plans for Personal Development
  • Recruitment and replacement policies
  • High potential vs. high performers

Course Length

4 hours

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