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The Professional Image

Who Should Attend?

Exempt employees, Administrative Assistants, New Supervisors, Managers, those who need to focus on behaviors and policies that support a professional image for the organization.

Program Goals

  • Common expectations of confidentiality
  • The importance of business etiquette
  • Appropriate use of technology (computers, cell phones)
  • What is expected in the 21st century office
  • Techniques for communicating with co-workers and customers

Course Description

This course is offered in a 4-hour /or/ 8-hour version to meet the unique needs of organizations. It is typically customized to include references to your company policies, procedures, practices to make the course relevant to those in an office setting, or those deal with customers off site.

The goal is to help people understand and practice proper business etiquette to enhance the professional image of the organization.

Course Outline

Organizational Values / Standards (for your organization)


  • Customer Relationships
  • Key Success Factors
  • Office Etiquette
    • Attire
    • Computer Related Policies
    • E-mail Etiquette
    • Listening to the Customer
    • Cell Phones
  • Being a Team Player



  • The Employee Handbook
  • Confidentiality
  • Generations at Work
  • Technology
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Business Language
  • Memo’s
  • Conversations / Speaking
  • Appropriate Legal Issues



Course Length

4 or 8 hours (depending on the needs of the organization)

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