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Team Building Learning to Collaborate

Who Should Attend?

Anyone forming a team for the first time, those new to a team, experienced team members, team leaders.

Program Goals

Participants learn how to work cooperatively in a team environment by collaborating, problem solving, and understanding / appreciating the different personal styles members bring to a team.

Course Outline

  • Personal Style Inventory is used as means of sharingdifferent preferences, encouraging participants to learn what is important to them, and the value ofembracing differences among co-workers (as a part of team building)
  • Team survival exercise which challenges participants to use consensus decision making, listening skills, leadership and collaboration.  Critical skills of effective teams is also covered. (Chose from Lost At Sea, Ship Wreck, Black Bear).
  • The dysfunctions of a team and how to overcome them (based on the work of Patrick Lencioni).
  • Key concepts for team members from the Stephen Covey book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Course Length

4 hours (can be customized)


Projector and computer for power point presentation, screen, flip charts, handouts, accommodations for participants in a large “U” shaped setting with breakout space for group activities.

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