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Talent Management

Who Should Attend?

Mid and upper level managers who are involved in the development of people for organizational success

Program Goals

  • Understand talent management vs. performance appraisal
  • Learn how to implement, or enhance, the development of your most important resource…the people (talent) in your organization
  • Appreciate how talent management and succession planning are complimentary (not the same)
  • Identify those in your organization who have high potential; the challenges they face; and how to enhance their skills
  • Implications of notifying an employee that he/she has “high potential”
  • Review an outline you can use for a meeting with an employee regarding talent management
  • Consider how to measure the success of a talent management strategy
  • Learn how others in this session conduct talent management

Course Description

This four hour session will introduce concepts that can be used in developing a talent management process in an organization. It is complimented by sessions on: performance appraisal; succession planning, strategic planning, and mentoring.

Course Outline

  • Definition of the term “talent management”
  • Talent management vs. performance appraisal
  • Organizational needs for talent
  • Strategies for managing organizational talent (strategic planning)
  • Identifying talent (criteria)
  • A system for developing talent (goals & feedback)
  • Link mentoring with talent management
  • Managing expectations
  • Setting up a system to make the best use of “high potentials”

Course Length

4 Hours


Other Courses related to Talent Management: Succession Planning, Mentoring, Performance Appraisal and Strategic Planning.

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