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Stress Management

Who Should Attend?

Employees at any level in an organization. The course works best when people attending are grouped based on similar areas of responsibility.

Program Goals

  •  What causes stress
  •   The impact / affect of stress on the body
  •   The early warning signals of stress
  •   Your own stress profile
  •   Techniques to reduce the harmful effects of stress

Course Description

This interactive course will draw distinctions between positive and negative stress. Participants discuss the causes of stress, the physical and mental results of it, and how to deal with stress. Through a self-scoring exercise, participants develop their own stress profile, and learn how to master stress.

Course Outline

  • A working definition of Stress
  • The high cost of Stress (in America)
  • Common causes of Stress
  •  Diseases caused by Stress
  • How the body & mind react to Stress
  • Determining “your” Stress profile
  • Gaining control to master Stress
  • Techniques to overcome Stress

Course Length

4 hours

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