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Strategic Planning – Options

Who Should Attend?

Senior executives, managers, organizational board members, those involved in conducting strategic planning for an organization.

Program Goals

We can help you develop an organizational strategic plan that will guide actions and commitment of resources.

Key Outcomes

An organization succeeds or fails based on its mission, values, goals, objectives, and how it measures key performance indicators.

Developing and implementing “dash boards”, score cards that can be used to measure progress in reaching goals, is the ultimate goal of this process.

Course Description

  • The session can be modified depending on the emphasis an organization places on each step above
  • We offer a 4,8 hour or two full day program

Course Outline

1. Ice Breaker / opening activity

2. Understand, review core values and guiding principles of the organization

3. Future state: initial look at where you want to go

4. Review / update Vision, Mission Statements

5. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

6. Strategic Alignment (focus on outcome of SWOT)

7. Strategic Thrusts (key goals for next 2-3 years / or more)

8. Objectives (rolling 12 month basis / project out to five years)

9. Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Measure progress toward meeting objectives

10. Competencies (Organizational & management related) Three tiers:

              1. Individual

              2. Manager

              3. Senior executives

11. Benchmark – who can you look at and learn from

12. Succession Planning / Talent Management

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