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Statistical Process Control: An Introduction

Who Should Attend?

Employees responsible for filling out control charts for quality assurance.


This course is designed for the employee who is not familiar with the concept of Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Program Goals

  •   Why it is important to keep a process in control
  •   How a chart can be used to predict future product quality
  •   The importance of filling out control charts accurately
  •   The costs associated with quality problems
  •   When to take corrective action on a process

Course Description

Participants learn how SPC charts are used to insure the quality output of a process. Emphasis is placed on filling out charts accurately, and taking corrective action based on an understanding of SPC charts

Course Outline

  • Difference between detection and prevention
  • Action on the process vs. action on an outcome
  • Concept of “variation”
  • Special vs. common causes of variation
  • Sampling techniques
  • Nominal, upper and lower control limits
  • Variable and attribute data
  • Two kinds of control charts (X bar & R)
  • Defect vs. defective

Course Length

2 hours

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