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Recognition: Engaging And Motivating Employees

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, those charged with developing, implementing a recognition system to engage, motivate employees

Program Goals

  • The impact of recognition programs
  • Reasons why managers fail to recognize employees
  • How reinforcing behavior helps organizations succeed
  • Actions to recognize performance
  • Why it’s important to sustain / encourage performance

Course Description

Individuals appreciate recognition, just as those working in teams seek affirmation of good work. Recognition is more than giving praise for performance. Learn in this course how and why a well-designed recognition program can help organizations meet, exceed goals and objectives.

Course Outline

  • Defining recognition
  • Identifying when to recognize performance
  • How to recognize positive contributions
  • Why you need to be specific
  • What to recognize (performance, progress, achievement)
  • Explaining why recognition is offered
  • Where to recognize (location)
  • Who to recognize

Course Length

2-3 hours

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