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Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, managers, engineers, management information systems programmers, those who develop and manage projects to a successful completion

Program Goals

To build the skills necessary for planning, coordinating, organizing, controlling, problem solving, and making effective decisions related to the completion of a project. Also to learn technology, software that can help in managing projects.

Course Description

Small group activities, class discussion, and self assessments are used to help participants learn how to effectively plan a project, gather necessary resources, work with others, and see the project through to a positive conclusion.  Also introduction to project management software, aps.

Course Outline

  •   Intro to project & program management
  •    The dynamic life cycle of a project
  •    Planning a project
  •  Contingencies & interruptions
  •   Key roles of project participants
  •   Problem solving
  •   Launching and leading a project
  •   Executing and monitoring
  •    Meetings management
  •    Effective decision making
  •    Closing the project
  •    Systems (Aps, PERT / GANTT charts)

Course Length

8 hours (one day, or two half-days)


A purchased instrument is used to give feedback on project management skills.

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