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Personal Style Inventory (Based On The Work Of Carl Jung)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone required to work in a group or on a team

Program Goals

  • That everyone brings to a team certain individual values & beliefs
  • That values and beliefs are influenced by personal preferences
  •  How personal types and styles influence behavior
  •  That differences based on personal styles can be helpful to a team
  •  The importance of understanding different styles
  •  How to deal effectively with different styles
  •  To understand yourself first, then try to understand others

Course Description

Participants discover their personal style by taking an instrument developed by R. Craig Hogan and David W. Champagne.  A discussion of eight different personality types helps participants learn how preferences influence behavior, in particular on a team.

Course Outline

  • Take the Personal Style Inventory
  • Discuss the four pairs of dimensions (8 types)
  • Participants predict their personal style
  •  Learn what your Personal Style is
  • Understand your strength in each dimension
  • Discuss the dimensions in small groups
  • Review how styles impact team communications
  • Consider how to use what is learned about personal styles

Course Length

2-3 hours


Room of sufficient size to allow break‑out activities. Flip charts & markers. Computer, projector & screen (power point).

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