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Performance Appraisal: How To Receive An Appraisal

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who receives a performance appraisal


Giving and Accepting Feedback is recommended as a supplemental course]. The form used by the organization employees work at is required.

Program Goals

  • What your role is in receiving an appraisal
  •  How to prepare for a performance appraisal (a year in advance)
  •  The importance of taking a positive attitude into the appraisal
  •  What to do during the appraisal
  •  How to survive the ordeal with the best possible evaluation

Course Description

This course describes what an employee should do before, during, and after the performance appraisal. It is designed to help employees be better prepared for the evaluation meeting and understand how the manager appraising performance approaches the meeting. The importance of understanding the job description and performance objectives is emphasized.

Course Outline

  •  What is Performance Appraisal?
  •   The performance appraisal form (optional: company specific)
  •   Learning to set objectives
  •   Listening effectively to feedback
  •   How to prepare for the appraisal meeting
  •   Role of employee and manager during meeting
  •   The 12 keys to receiving the appraisal
  •   What to do after the appraisal meeting
  •   What to know about the job description

Course Length

3 - 4 hours

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