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Motivation: Working With People

Who Should Attend?

Front line supervisors, middle and upper level managers.

Program Goals

How to improve your ability to impact the behavior of others.  What is needed to create an environment where employees motivate themselves.  What is important to subordinates how to use positive reinforcement what employees expect & want, and how providing for expectations and wants can improve performance.

Course Description

Studies indicate a difference between what employees and supervisors believe is important in a job. The difference often involves what motivates employees. Different approaches to motivation are covered. The focus is on learning what motivates and what de motivates employees. Role plays and self-analysis instruments are utilized to help participants learn more about the motivation process.

Course Outline

  • Three Motivators: Achievement, Affiliation, and Power
  • Humanistic and Autocratic styles of working with people
  • The Hierarchy of Employee Needs
  • What motivates and de motivates people
  • How to give Positive Reinforcement
  • Actions and outcomes: what people expect
  • Behavior Modification: how it works
  • Redesigning jobs to motivate people

Course Length

4 hours

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