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Mentoring Employees To Succeed

Who Should Attend?

Those who are, or will, serve as mentors; helping others to become more proficient in a specific competency


It is helpful for participants to attend the foundation course in leadership.

Program Goals

  • What it takes to be a mentor
  •  Why people are asked to mentor others
  •  How the mentor can benefit, as well as the person being mentored
  •  Mentoring agreements (clarifying expectations)
  •  A process that can be used in mentoring those who want to learn a skill or management competency
  •  The difference between mentoring and coaching

Course Description

This course is designed to help individuals launch a mentoring relationship with a subordinate or a co-worker, and keep it on track. An assessment helps participants learn if they are ready to step up to a mentoring opportunity. Group discussions and team activities engage those attending in a dialogue designed to build an awareness of the mentoring process.

Course Outline

  • Who is a candidate to be mentored?
  • Why mentor others? Why not coach?
  • How do I prepare to be a mentor?
  • Techniques of a successful mentor
  • Using a mentoring agreement to clarify expectations (both ways)
  •  The role of the mentor and mentee
  •  Keeping the process on track
  • How and when to end a mentoring opportunity

Course Length

4 hours

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