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Mastering the Change Curve

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, clerical, anyone interested in learning how to manage change effectively.

Program Goals

  • What the change curve is
  • The four phased approach to dealing with change
  • That the rapid pace of change can work to your advantage
  • How others view change

Course Description

The purpose of the course is to help individuals, and teams, to embrace change rather than fight it.  It addresses issues associated with continual change, and how reactions to change impact the options people have in dealing with change.

Through interactive exercises and discussions, those attending learn to “let go” of how things are and start accepting new realities.  People learn to move through four phases of change: denial, resistance, exploration and commitment.

Course Outline

  • Select a situation you are currently facing
  • Introduction to managing change
  • Complete the Mastering Change Curve instrument
  • Discussion of the four phases of change
  • Mapping your position on the change curve
  • Exercises in managing change
  • Interpreting your score:  what does it mean?
    • Imagining change as a positive experience
  • Looking for change before it finds you
  • Deciding how to deal with your situation

Course Length

3 - 4 hours


Mastering the Change Curve (purchased item / 1 per participant)

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