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Leadership Practices

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, those who lead departments, self-directed work teams, or employee teams.

Program Goals

  •   Four different leadership styles
  •   That effective leadership adjusts to the situation
  •   That leading means being assertive and expressive
  •  How your style impacts your leadership practices

Course Description

This program shows participants how leading is a process of influencing others to reach a goal. Self-assessments and group activities are used to demonstrate different leader styles and practices. Leadership is discussed and demonstrated in relation to different traits, behaviors and responses to situations. Four leadership styles are reviewed including: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic. Through a process of increased self-awareness, participants learn to look at their own leadership style and decide how it can be modified to be the most effective.

Course Outline

  • Leadership Style Inventory
  • Leadership characteristics  
  • Movie clips of leadership styles
  • Group activities and team discussions on leadership
  • Knowing your preferred leadership style
  • Competencies of leaders
  • Leadership and the power of expectations

Course Length

3 - 4 hours


What’s My Leadership Style? (purchased item per / participant)

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