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Leadership: Empowering Others

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, those who lead departments, self-directed work teams, or employee teams.

Program Goals

  •   The difference between leadership and management
  •   That management and effective leadership are complimentary
  •   That leading subordinates requires more than just position power
  •  How to empower others through effective leadership behaviors

Course Description

This program shows participants the difference between leading and managing people. Self-assessments and group activities are used to demonstrate the difference between transformational and transactional leadership. Through the process of increased self-awareness, participants learn to look at their own leadership style and decide how it can be modified to be the most effective.

Course Outline

  • Leader / Manager Profile -OR- Leadership Practices Inventory
  • A class exercise on leadership characteristics
  • Positional and Personal Power
  • Transformational vs. Transactional leadership
  •  Benefit of knowing your preferred leadership/ management style
  •  Competencies required of a leader
  •  Leadership and the power of expectations

Course Length

4 hours


The Leader / Manager Profile (purchased item per / participant) -OR- Leadership Practices Inventory instrument

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