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GOALS: How to Set & Support Them “Getting things done!”

Who Should Attend?

Any level of employee who needs to control his/her time by setting goals that support organizational success

Program Goals

  • The importance of goal setting
  • The keys to goal setting
  • How to create collaborative goals
  • How to create goal alignment

Course Description

The course begins with each participant identifying one specific individual or team goal that supports an organizational goal, and how it is measured. This leads to a discussion of what gets in the way of accomplishing goals. An action plan that addresses personal and work related goals is suggested. Job aids to help participants manage goals are discussed / explained. The focus is on setting a goal that is tied to an organizational goal, that will generate commitment to and the completion of the goal.

Course Outline

  • Attributes of successful goals
  • Keys to creating goals
  • How to communicate goals
  • Linking goals to department, organizational goals
  • Setting Priorities
  • Providing support for goals the have been assigned to others
  • Developing team goals
  • Effectively using time to accomplish goals

Course Length

4 hours (can be modified in length)

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