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Fun & Productive Workplace

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for creating a team oriented, productive and positive work environment.

Program Goals

  • An effective way to boost morale & improve results
  •  The benefits of having fun at work, which can be significant
  • How important it is to pay attention to your customers & co-workers
  • Why we should focus on the “present moment”
  • To “choose the attitude” you bring to work

Course Description

This course is loosely based on the best-selling book “Fish” authored by Stephen Lundin, Henry Paul and John Christensen. It addresses today’s most pressing work issues using an appealing message. This course offers ideas that are easy to grasp, instantly applicable, and helpful in creating a productive and fun atmosphere in any organization.

Course Outline

  • A discussion on “How You Have Fun at Work”
  • Why should we have fun at work?
  •  Is it productive to have fun at work?
  • Companies that succeed by providing a fun atmosphere
  • Focusing on your customers, co-workers
  • Discover how being in the “present moment” is beneficial
  • The responsibility, and freedom, that comes from choosing your attitude
  • Action plans for making work playful and productive

Course Length

4 hours

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