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Feedback: Giving & Accepting

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, managers, those who give or receive feedback as a normal part of their job.

Program Goals

  • The importance of preparing to give feedback
  • How feedback can be misinterpreted
  • The value of maintaining a positive conversation
  • How to relate the impact of behavior, performance
  • When and how to accept feedback

Course Description

Productive working relationships depend on honest and open communications. Being able to give and accept feedback during a productive conversation can lead to better problem solving, improved  working relationships, and helps raise issues that need to be addressed. The  focus of this presentation is to help participants better prepare, deliver and accept feedback in a cooperative and positive working environment.

Course Outline

Giving Feedback

  1. Intend to be helpful
  2. Be specific about the issue
  3. Show the impact of the behavior, performance
  4. Ask for viewpoint of others
  5. Agree on how to move forward

Accepting Feedback

  1. Assume goodwill – don’t become defensive
  2. Listen for the true meaning
  3. Ask questions for clarification
  4. Show you understand / Look for something you can both do
  5. Confirm feedback, take action

Course Length

3 hours

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