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Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, managers, professionals, those who have a current or future need to make a presentation.

Program Goals

  • That a facilitator is not the same as a chairperson, content expert, mediator, note taker or leader
  • Meetings can have a variety of goals, objectives and each purpose can require a different approach
  • How to prepare for, start, and conclude an effective meeting
  • The different components of the facilitators’ role
  • A five-step process to make meetings more effective

Course Description

Facilitation requires a series of skills to run an effective meeting. These skills include knowing how to organize a meeting, focus the efforts of those attending and keep the meeting on track.  Also, deal with distractions, encourage participation, end on a positive note, and make sure action steps are in place to implement ideas.  Through a series of interactive discussions and hands-on activities, participants learn the basics of meeting facilitation.  This course contains concepts from the best selling book by Patrick Lencioni – “Death by Meetings.”

Course Outline

  • 5 kinds of meetings: Tactical, Strategic, Informational, Seasonal, Annual Retreat
  • Preparing for a meeting (the goal)
  • Assessing meeting goals: an exercise
  • The Agenda:  purpose, topics, expected outcome, start time, duration
  • Defining the role of the facilitator (getting people to participate)
  • Conducting the meeting
  • Keeping the meeting on target (agenda)
  • How to handle issues (not on the agenda) as they arise
  • Group roles during a meeting: exercise
  • Recording meeting progress (role of a recorder)
  • Summarizing: agreeing on action items / gaining commitment

Course Length

3 – 4 hours

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