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Discipline: The Positive Approach

Who Should Attend?

Supervisor and mid level managers who need to influence the behavior, performance of people they work with.

Program Goals

  • Techniques for managing people
  • A positive approach to discipline
  • How to improve employee performance
  • A 5-step process of maintaining employee self esteem while addressing behavioral issues

Course Description

 The course begins with a discussion of what discipline is. Most people believe it is a means of punishment, and thus look at discipline in a negative light. This course uses video examples and participant roll play exercises. It is designed to help supervisors in redirecting behavior while using a positive approach. The key is gaining employee commitment to improving performance.

Course Outline

  • Example of how not to discipline employees
  • Video segments on a 5 step discipline process
  • Role-playing the 5 step process
  • Key issues:
    • Maintaining positive self esteem
    • Focusing on employee behavior
    • Involving the employee
  • The importance of active listening
  • Improving working relations while addressing behavior / performance issues

Course Length

4 hours


Workbooks can be purchased for this course

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