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Developing Others

Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for developing subordinates in an organization

Program Goals

  • Common sources of feedback
  • The difference between feedback and “feedforward”
  • the importance of Effective Annual Performance Reviews
  • How to encourage employee competenc

Course Description

People leave organizations because they don’t feel appreciated, or they don’t get along with the boss. Research has proven this over and over. In order to keep good people, and grow an organization, the key is developing the people you have by giving feedback on a regular basis that is positive, supportive and instructive. This includes how you handle the performance appraisal. The focus of this course is on how you can develop others by providing feedback that builds people up rather than placing blame. During this course, participants are encouraged to share ideas, learn from each other, and exhibit behaviors that promote positive work relationships

Course Outline

  • The disengaged employee
  • The response to praise
  • Supportive behaviors
  • Three ways feedback is received
  • Giving Feedback during performance reviews
  • Common causes of performance problems
  • A brief coaching style assessment
  • A 6-step model to encourage, develop others

Course Length

4 hours (depending on the exercise & discussion)

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