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Customer Service (Four Approaches)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone dealing with customers in person, or over the phone, including customer service representatives, sales, receptionists, secretaries, professionals, etc.


Recommended that “Reaching for Stellar Service” is taken first.

Program Goals

The following are each 4-hour courses:

  • Reaching for Stellar Service
  • Connecting With Customers
  • Meeting Customer Unspoken Needs
  • Healing Customer Relationships

Course Description

The topics above are covered in an interactive format, encouraging discussion and reflection on the level of customer service delivered by participants. Those attending are actively engaged in assessments, role plays, and modeling effective customer service techniques. Video segments demonstrate key learning points.

Course Outline

Each course has a unique outline, key learning points and a table of contents. They were developed by AchieveGlobal, and international training organization. The instructor has been certified to teach the family of AchieveGlobal courses. Additional information on each course is available.

Course Length

Each course is 4-hours long

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