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Conflict Management

Who Should Attend?

Individual contributors, new and experienced supervisors and mid‑level managers. Anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to handle conflict.

Program Goals

  • How to manage people in conflict
  • How to recognize potential conflict
  • Conflict resolution styles you can use in dealing with people
  • The importance of identifying the real cause before trying to resolve a conflict

Course Description

 The course begins with an exercise on managing conflict. A discussion of five styles of conflict management follows. A role-play is conducted with participants placed in a conflict situation to see how they resolve it. Key steps in negotiating a conflict resolution are presented.

Course Outline

Conflict style exercise

  • Conflict management styles
    • What is yours
    • What should it be
    • Is there one best style
  • Five steps to Conflict Resolution
  • The three levels of conflict
    • With the boss
    • With your peers
    • With subordinates
  • Working with people
  • Negotiations & conflict resolution
  • Video on Conflict Management

Course Length

3 - 4 hours

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