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COMMUNICATING: Listening & Productive Conversations

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with a desire to improve their communications skills.

Program Goals

  • Proven methods to insure good communications (verbal & listening)
  •  The value of “actively listening” (how to motivate employees by doing this)
  •  What a productive conversation is
  •   How to assess your own communication skills, and those of others

Course Description

Participants learn the importance of listening in the communications process. A self-assessment along with a communication survey helps participants understand their own skill level. Active listening exercises, role-plays, discussions help participants to discover the  importance of good communications.

Course Outline

  • Introduction / cost of poor listening
  •  Listening self evaluation
  • Communication Assessment
  • Active Listening exercise
  • Productive Conversations vs. one-way dialogue
  •  Verbal communications
  • Three key steps to Listening Effectively
  •  Video examples of listening (good & bad)
  • Identifying barriers to communications
  • Six negative listening habits, and what we can do about them
  •  Intro to communicating at meetings

Course Length

3 - 6 hours

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