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Collaboration: Building Positive Work Relationships

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, team members, trainers, front line employees, and those working with and /or supervising others

Program Goals

  • How to work with others (individually & on a team)
  • Behaviors that build trust
  • What it takes to create “work friendships”
  • How to interact in a positive way with others

Course Description

Coworkers, managers, employees all value positive work relationships. Organizations that succeed have productive people, who work together, to achieve greater results. They create an environment with a genuine feeling of respect among employees.

This session highlights the importance of listening to, respecting, and developing trust with others. And, it demonstrates how unproductive behavior is reduced as work relationships improve. A key point: high trust fosters high commitment.

Course Outline

  • Evaluate your communications skills
  • Exercise that will help reinforce positive work relationships
  • Discover the “Trust Gage”
  • The practice of positive regard
  • The creation of personal connections
  • Videos that demonstrate relationship concepts
  • Examine commonly held beliefs that affect the work environment

Course Length

4 hours

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