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COACHING: For Outstanding Performance

Who Should Attend?

Individual contributors, new and experienced supervisors, mid‑and-upper-level managers. Anyone required to coach others.

Program Goals

  • The role of a coach in an organization
  • Why it is important, and when to coach others
  • How to create a positive work environment through coaching
  • The value of asking questions & listening to people
  • Skills you can use when coaching others

Course Description

Coaching helps supervisors and managers build confidence and competence in employees. This course demonstrates action steps to take when you want to help an employee take on new responsibilities, accept change in a job, solve problems on their own, and become more comfortable with a calculated risk.

The goal is to help people grow in a job by being supportive while offering guidance and direction ONLY as needed.  Participants learn to avoid giving advice as a means of helping people “learn how to fish” as they become capable to do more on their own.

Course Outline

  • Developing an understanding of Coaching
  • Determining why we coach others (people are valuable)
  • Thinking about your coaching skills, & how you use them
  • Learning specific actions steps to use when coaching
  • Practicing coaching skills
  •  Planning to use coaching skills on the job
  • Team exercises and discussions

Course Length

4 hours

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