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CHEESE & CHANGE? Moving the Cheese

CHEESE & CHANGE? Moving the Cheese

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, clerical, anyone in need of either accepting change, or helping others adjust to change

Program Goals

  • How to describe your reaction to change
  • Four simple approaches to dealing with change
  • The importance of seeing change as a positive experience
  • How other people view change

Course Description

The focus of the course is on learning natural reactions to change, how these reactions affect quality of life, and what options  people have in dealing with change. Real world examples are used including situations currently affecting participants.

Through interactive  exercises and discussions, those attending learn to see change as a normal part of life, at work and at home. Emphasis is placed on learning positive techniques to be used when dealing with change. Participants are asked to break out of the mold of looking at change as a negative experience.

Course Outline

  • Select a situation you are currently facing
  • Review program goals
  • Intro to managing change
  • A 12-minute movie “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  • Identifying with the characters in the movie
  • Relating to four different reactions to change
  • Seeing change with a sense of loss, or gain
  • How to deal with people who resist change
  • Imagining change as a positive experience
  • Looking for change before it finds you
  • Deciding how to deal with the situation you identified

Course Length

3 - 4 hours

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