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Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for formulating, implementing, and/or evaluating organizational change (including policies and procedures).

Program Goals

  • How & why people respond to change.
  • A process to develop & implement change plans.
  • Nine specific tactics you can employ to champion change.

Course Description

Change Management tools are used to show participants how they deal with change. Exercises are used to show how to approach a situation requiring change, cooperation, and approval.

Hands on activities demonstrate that managing change means recognizing and dealing with established paradigms. Methods for reducing resistance to change are presented as are examples of the types of change taking place in organizations and society today.

Course Outline

Why people resist change

  • A quick assessment of your change management preferences
  • The emotional reaction to change
  • Exercises in how to manage change
  • 3 phases of change
  • What drives feelings about change
  • 3 responses to change
  • How to lead others through change
  • Questions to ask when planning for change
  • 3-steps to changing policy: Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation

Course Length

4 hours

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