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Avoiding Potential Problems (Critical Thinking Skills)

Avoiding Potential Problems  (Critical Thinking Skills)

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, managers, team leaders, anyone who needs to think critically in an organization

Program Goals

  • How to protect the organization & it’s resources
  • To prepare to take action in the event something goes wrong
  • To review plans and anticipate potential problems
  •  Avoid Future Trouble

Course Description

This course is based on the premise that organizations can avoidproblems by implementing preventive actions, and minimize the affect of problems by identifying contingent actions. Participants learn how to look at plans, procedures, policies and anticipate what could go wrong, then plan accordingly. Hands on activities and case studies help build the skill of critical thinking by using a proactive approach to dealing with potential problems.

Course Outline

  • Select a Plan / an action / something you will implement
  • Anticipate problems that could occur
  • Look for potential cause of trouble
  • Select preventive actions
  • Identify contingent actions
  • Update your plan accordingly

Course Length

3-4 Hours

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